A New Beginning

One chapter closes, and another begins.

My family and I were received into the Orthodox Church during Divine Liturgy on Holy Saturday. Our kids were baptized, and we were chrismated, having been baptized years ago. And so begins our life as communicants in the Orthodox Church.

I just noticed that this is a year to the day from my first post on this blog. It's fitting, then, to chronicle on this day this "new beginning", as it were.

I feel good, other than being exhausted from all the services this past weekend! Again and again I am amazed and enriched by the beauty and richness of the services. The deep meaning, the symbolism, the participation -- it's all so inspiring and joyous. I can't imagine being anywhere else. As they say, I am "home".

I'll let this be a short post, I guess. I haven't really collected many thoughts right now.